On Gooing Programs

GTZ PROGRESS Enterprise Information Service

GTZ is the agency of the Federal Republic of Germany that is engaged in the implementation of development cooperation programs. In Bangladesh, Enterprise Information Services (EIS) is one of the six components of GTZ's overall program "Promotion of the Private Sector SMEs in the post-MFA Era", in short, referred to as PROGRESS. GTZ-PROGRESS contributes to the increased competitiveness of the small and medium enterprises in Bangladesh.

Enterprise Information Services (EIS) is an integrated component in GTZ PROGRESS. EIS has set its objective to increase use and improve supply of demand-led Enterprise Information in the regional economies. In achieving this objective, EIS has to address two types of players in the economy. They are the suppliers and consumers of enterprise information. EIS intends strengthening the supplier-side while assessing and creating the demand from the consumer-side in parallel. The EIS support package includes:

Organizational development: A skills assessment of all the CCCI staff was completed. This assessment revealed various training requirements of the staff which are being provided by GTZ PROGRESS EIS. These trainings mostly focus on business management and information and communication technology (ICT).
Information management: GTZ PROGRESS EIS supports the establishment and mainstreaming of an information management system at the Chittagong chamber. The function of the information management system is to manage and disseminate enterprise and trade information smoothly for use of the business community. Other advisory support related to information management will be provided to the CCCI such as training on how to develop, price and market information products.
Upgrading technical infrastructure: GTZ PROGRESS EIS will provide the CCCI with various computer hardware equipment and setup a local area network (LAN) within the Chittagong chamber in order to strengthen the chamber's technical infrastructure.