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CCCI & CITF Background

The Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI), established in 1959, is a premier Chamber of Bangladesh. It provides a wide spectrum of services to the trade and industry and acts as a catalyst for growth of business in the country. The Chamber has been all along very keen to address the requirements of the commercial capital and aspirations of entrepreneurs so that a congenial atmosphere is assured for growth of trade, industry & economy including induction of more FDI to some potential sectors that offer alluring profit guarantee. As part of its various trade promotional activities, CCCI has been arranging Chittagong International Trade Fair (CITF) - the largest international trade fair in the country for the last fifteen consecutive years and the event has been a total success with respect to enthusiastic participation by leading local, foreign and multinational business & manufacturing enterprises of Asia, Europe, USA and African countries.

Since its humble striding in 1992, CITF has created a tremendous enthusiasm among the exhibitors & visitors registering a significant growth in terms of participants, sales and promotion of products/services. With the passage of time, the event has emerged as the largest international trade fair of the country in term of participation.

Display Range
Processed Foods & Beverages Textiles & Garment Accessories
Handlooms Furniture
Handicrafts 6 (some of them with foreign collaboration)
Vocational Training Institute Chemicals
Ceramics Consumer Durables
Motor Vehicle Building Materials
Leather Goods Toiletries

Special Arrangement

Unique & modern architectural layout of the Fair to match the needs of participant & visitors
Item/product wise segmentation of stall/booth
Lucrative Restaurants and Fast Food Corner
Arrangement of special illumination at night to make the venue colourful and more attractive.
Fire fighting arrangement.
Firt Aid.
Separate Prayer Room for ladies & gents.
Round the clock Security measure for safety of participating companies & visitors.
Permanent Police Camp.

Visitor Profile
The previous Fairs were visited by visitors from the following segments.

Affluent consumers of home and abroad.
Industrial buyers.
Business leaders.
Management decision makers.
Opinion leaders.
Plant expert/technician.
Prospective business match makers.
Public sector officials.
Foreign delegation.


Previous Fair Information

Years Visitors Participants Booth/Pavilion
1993 15,000 37 47
1994 25,000 64 75
1995 40,000 69 84
1996 62,000 72 91
1997 1,44,000 78 141
1998 2,80,000 125 233
1999 4,50,000 210 372
2000 7,00,000 285 375
2001 8,00,000 234 325
2002 9,00,000 255 345
2003 15,00,000 343 450
2004 17,00,000 350 458
2005 18,00,000 350 460
2006 18,50,000 363 480
2007 19,00,000 370 480
2008 19,30,000 400 340
2009 19,40,000 400 340
2010 20,00,000 400 340
2011 20,20,000 300 310
2012 20,20,000 280 300
2013 20,50,000 280 300
2014 20,00,000 280 310
2015 20,50,000 280 300
2016 20,50,000 280 310
2017 20,70,000 280 300
2018 21,00,000 280 300


Business linkage opportunities.
Transfer of technology & know-how.
Wholly owned or joint venture collaboration.
Easy access to new information/Technology.
Instant response from interested buyers.
Direct feedback on product performance.
Market access & development opportunity.
Technology adaptation and upgradation for product development..
Test ground for consumers buying behaviour analysis.
New product launching

Promotional Measures

Massive advertisement campaign at home & abroad through electronic & print media.
Regular Press Release to keep news media well informed.
Displaying of poster & promotional materials at city's public gathering spots and street corners.
Mailing of poster & special publication of the event to different foreign missions & TPOs of home and abroad.
Distribution and Aerial dropping of leaflets containing information on the event.

Colourful Special Publication

An attractive & colourful special publication containing particulars & products of the participating companies/organizations will be published on the occasion of CITF. The publication will be circulated widely at home and abroad among the Chambers, Trade Promotional Organizations, Foreign Embassies, Govt. Offices and the participants of the fair. To put an advertisement in the colourful publication, interested organizations are required to apply in the prescribed form alongwith 100% tariff and advertisement matter (matter to be returned)


Information Booth

An information booth with round the clock Fax, E-mail & Telephone facilities will be available to provide one stop information about the Fair. Besides, information on import-export policy, custom procedures, foreign exchange regulations, investment opportunities etc. will be provided to visitors & exhibitors.

Participation Criteria


Participation Procedure

  • Pavilion & Booth will be allotted on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.
  • Collect Fair Brochure & Registration Form from CCCI Office
  • Registration form charge: for Pavilion Tk. 6000/- and for Stalls/Booths Tk. 4000/- & Restaurant Tk. 4000/-.
  • Study Fair Brochure & Fair Layout thoroughly
  • Clarify any sort of query from CCCI
  • Fill-up Registration Form & submit it to CCCI with total tariff for Pavilion/Booth before January, 2012
  • Booth & Pavilion will be handed over with a serial number only.
  • Display product's nature should be specified.

Terms & Condition

1 Companies / firms interested to participate in the fair have to submit attested photocopies of current individual Trade License, TIN Certificate, VAT Payment Receipt and Bank Solvency Certificate alongwith the Registration Form for allocation of Pavilion/stall etc.
2 The decision of the Fair Committee with respect to allotment of Stall/Booth/Mega pavilion/Mini Mega Pavilion, will be final.
3 The participants will not be allowed to transfer/sublet the allotted Stall/Booth/Mega pavilion/Mini Mega Pavilion without prior written consent from the Fair Committee.
4 If any applicant fails to exhibit, participation charges paid shall not be refunded.
5 Carrying of samples to the booth/pavilion will have to be done before 9.30 A.M. and after 11.00 P.M. every day.
6 Arms, explosives, inflammable items, poisons, narcotics and those goods which the Fair Committee consider obstructive to the decency or administration of the Fair, are strictly prohibited to exhibit.
7 Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is mandatory for Import of goods into Bangladesh (for Foreign Participants only).
8 Clearance of goods will be allowed on submission of PSI report and on payment of custom duties and taxes or on submission of Bank Guarantee for equivalent amount at the Customs Point of Entry (for Foreign Participants only).
9 If the venue or part of it is destroyed by fire, earthquake, storm, war, civil disturbances or riot and other irresistible force or acts of God, which may be regarded as beyond the control or responsibility of the CCCI management, the affected party or participant(s) will not be entitled to claim compensation or refund of its/their deposited tariff. No extension of the fair will be granted on the plea of less sale, less visitors, natural calamity, hartal or political disturbances and the above reasons.
10 In the event of any unforeseen occurrence in these terms and conditions, the decision of the organizer shall be final.
11 No allocation for sale of Fast Food in any stall/pavilion except Fast Food Corner. No use of oven in any stall except in restaurant(s).
12 No application shall be entertained unless it is in prescribed Registration Form with full particulars alongwith other requirements.
13 No participant shall be allowed to leave the venue or move materials without NOC from CCCI Authority.
14 Allocation will be cancelled and penalty may be imposed for encroachment /illegal occupation of space in any form or for violation of any rule / instruction of the authority concerned
15 Erection of Tower or making of fountain will be allowed on the basis of prior written permission & subject to payment of specific tariff in each case.
16 Participants shall have to pay extra charge with respect to rent & power tariff proportionately for additional days if the fair is extended beyond specified days i.e. (Total Rent/30 x total extended days) including electricity bill as per consumption must be paid in cash within 24 hours of such extension at CCCI Office in the fair.
17 Use of Audio / Video / Loudspeaker / Mike for advertisement of products / services is strictly prohibited. However, one may go for publicity through advertisement booth in the venue authorized by the Committee.
18 Every pavilion will have to deposit Tk. 5000/- as Security Money (refundable) subject to removal of all infrastructure/materials after completion of the Fair.

For Further Details & Registration, Please Contact

The Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chamber House, 38, Agrabad C/A
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Tel: +880-31-713366-9 (PABX)
Fax: 880-31-710183