President Message

President’s Message

The Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI) is one of the premier Chambers of the country situated in port city Chattogram with century old heritage. Natural seaport Chattogram has a proud history of thousand years as a sea port being the destination of many merchants and explorers of different parts of the world like Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, English, Chinese and many more. So, Chattogram is famous since time immemorial for trade and business. Suitable geographical location has made it more vibrant economic hub of South and South East Asia being the bridge point of two most potential economic forum like SAARC and ASEAN. Therefore, Chattogram bears all the aspects to be a modern destination of foreign director investment because of its naturally gifted facilities and recent mega projects taken by Bangladesh Government for accelerating the economic development with a view to achieve SDG by 2030 and become a developed country by 2041.

The private sector of Bangladesh has been the key factor in economic development of the country enhancing trade, business and investment utilizing a very proactive and ambitious roadmap of progression set by our visionary leader H.E. Sheikh Hasina, the hon’ble Prime Minister, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. In this massive journey of economic advancement, CCCI has been working relentlessly to make a bridge between private and public sector with a view to achieve our national aims and objectives in rushing towards delta plan.

Bangabandhu Shilpa Nagar at Mirsarai, Bay Terminal, Patenga Container Terminal, multilane tunnel under the river Karnaphuli, deep seaport at Matarbari, LNG terminal, LPG terminal, power plants at Moheshkhali and many more mega development projects are in progress in greater Chattogram to make it hub of the region in reality. As a trade organization, the leadership of CCCI is thriving its activities for the betterment of the businesses and make Bangladesh a developed country in the true sense in stipulated time frame as per our national vision.

We are very much optimistic that all out cooperation from all stakeholders will certainly make our dream come true. Let’s proceed forward as a nation united for attaining all our aspiration.


(Mahbubul Alam)

President, CCCI





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