President Message

President message

BismillahirRahmanir Rahim

I would like to express my sincere thanks and immense gratitude to the 
hon'ble members of the Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry
for their gracious support to me and our board of directors. I am grateful
to the Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the architect of this
prosperous new modern Bangladesh, who took it upon herself to
shoulder the responsibility for the development of Chattogram and for
ushering in a new era of prosperity and possibilities. The result is
palpable to each and every businessperson as the world of opportunity
is at our very doorsteps.
Bangabandhu Sheikh MujibShilpa Nagar (BSMSN), Matarbari deep sea port, 
Bangabandhu Tunnel under Karnaphuli, Patenga Container Terminal, Bay
Terminal, Coal Terminal, LNG Terminal, Maheshkhali Powerhub, Elevated
Expressway, Marine Drive from Mirarsharai to Cox's Bazar, and
Chittagong-Cox's Bazar railway line are changing the image of Chattogram
with mega projects worth billions of dollars.Chattogramis being prepared as
an ideal investment destination in South Asia.
 I would like also to express my utmost gratitude  to the former successful 
President of CCCI, and Hon'ble Member of Parliament, Mr. M. Abdul Latif ,
whose guidance and support has played an instrumental role in ensuring
the Chittagong Chamber's continuous facilitation to bridge the business
community, regulators and policy makers.
 I would like to thank our immediate past President Mr. Mahabubul Alam 
for his long and unwavering service to the CCCI and the business
community at large. I would also like to congratulate Mr. Mahabubul Alam
on being elected as the President of FBCCI, it is a matter of great pride
and joy for every businessperson of Chattogram to have one of our
own is such a position.
 I would like to convey my deepest respect and reverence to the long 
line of illustrious Presidents that have preceded me in this century-old 
organization. All of whom have contributed much for our city, region
and country. All my predecessors stand as beacons for my days ahead
in my journey as they will for those who come after me. Their work and
legacy will be our guiding light. 
The port city of Chattogram, famous as the golden gate of prosperity, 
is the country's commercial capital. And Chittagong Chamber,
established in 1906, is the oldest trade body of this region. Since its
inception, it has consistently played pivotal role to protect & promote
trade & investment in this region. 
Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set a vision to transform 
Bangladesh into a knowledge driven developed & smart economy.
To achieve this vision, as the representatives of Chattogram’s
business community – a key stakeholder of government, remaining
true to our legacy & purpose of protecting & promoting businesses,
we are committed to accelerate/accentuate our research driven efforts
to play facilitator role in creating an enabling environment for
businesses to foster & economy to prosper.
Chittagong Port is the lifeblood of Bangladesh's economy. More than 
90% of the country's international trade passes through this port.And
in next 5 to 7 years, after completion of some of the mega
infrastructural projects, the handling capacity of the port will increase
by many folds. The port is already on its way to be a transshipment
hub of this region.
As the representative of the business community, Chittagong Chamber 
will continue to facilitate the business community of Bangladesh for
best utilization of these facilities and continue to engage closely with
National Board of Revenue, Chittagong Customs House& Bangladesh
Bank to ensure ease of doing business for the business community,
following the footsteps of our predecessors.  
With approx. 300-350 KM of coast line and direct exposure of around 
25 Upazilla with Bay of Bengal, Chattogram has a largely untapped
blue economy potential that can make massive contribution towards
the journey of Bangladesh becoming a developed country.We are
committed to play significant role in realizing this potential through
supporting the government to create an enabling environment for
private investment growth in blue economy.
Bangladesh is set to graduate out of LDC in 2026. This comes with 
both opportunities and challenges. We will have to revise our policies
significantly to compete with the global market and our industries will
have to accelerate our adaptions of the sustainable practices. As a
leading chamber of this region, we will look to facilitate businesses,
regulators & policy makers with research driven advocacy support.
Cottage, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (CMSMEs) are the heart 
of the economy. CMSMEs need to be supported with access to market,
knowledge, skills supply chain and finance. We are committed to
continue our efforts to inspire growth of CMSMEs in our region.
Chattogram is set to see a massive growth of investment from both 
national and international level across sectors exponentially growing
the size of the business community in this region. Chittagong Chamber
looks forward to facilitate all these businesses.  
 Our new board is brimming with successful business persons of nearly 
every field of enterprise. With having representation from over 20
sectors of the country. We are eager to work closely businesses of all
sizes and background of our region. I believe with collective effort from
all, we shall be able to play an instrumental role in shaping the future
of Bangladesh's  economy continuing the traditions and glory of the
hundred years of The Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry
And staying true to the purpose and legacy, Chittagong Chamber will 
stand beside the business community as always.I hope with cooperation
& support from all of our business community,we can move forward towards
our vision of creating an enabling environment for growth of trade &
investment and help us contribute towards achieving our national vision.
Omar Hazzaz
(President, CCCI)