Bandarban, the district headquarters of the Bandarban Hill District, is situated ninety-two km. from Chittagong. Bandarban is hometown of the Bhomang chief who is the head of the Mogh tribe. The simple and hospitable Moghs are of Myanmar origin and Buddhists by religion, jovial and carefree by nature. Bandarban is also the home of the Murangs who are famous for their music and dances. Several other tribes of great interest live in the remote areas of the district. The highest peak of Bangladesh-Tahjin dong (4632 ft)-is located in the Bandarban district. Here goes details of Bandarban Sadar Upazila:

It is located at 22.2333°N and 92.1917°E.
Total Area: 501.99 sq. km
Population (total): approximately 70,000
Population Density: 137 per sq. km