Inani Beach

Inani Beach is about 32 away from Cox's Bazar Sadar (Town). It is sited at Ukhia Thana in Cox's Bazar District. Inani Beach is regarded as world's broadest beach in the world. Inani Sea Beach is a stony sea beach. It seems like someone decorates the Inani Sea Beach with different sizes of stone. You can sit on a stone of moderate size. During the high tide the stones become very slippery. It is very interesting to see the hide and seek game of sky, sun and the sea. The roaring of Bay of Bengal surely magnetize you with joy and ecstasy. In the sandy sea shore huge sized wave are breaking down in the big stone. There will create a poetic environment for you. Rocky beach and wave of sea play such kind of impacts in your mind that you will loss yourself to see the magnificent scenic beauty of Inani Beach.

Inani Beach is something extra ordinary than the other established beaches of Cox's Bazar. The sea Beaches of Cox's Bazar such as Kolatoli and Laboni Point is very much crowdie and mass. People, who like solitude and lonely sea beach, must go Inani Beach. It is an ideal place for true nature lovers. Calm environment of Inani Sea beach attracts the tranquil loved person. This calmness you never find in Cox's Bazar and St. Martins Sea Beach. Inani Beach is free from all crowd and over gathering.